Tips Before You Buy an Office Copier

While getting the first office copier you see is tempting, this purchase requires careful consideration. Buy the wrong machine, and you’ll end up with an investment you’ll regret. To help you make an informed decision, here are some tips to consider when buying an office copier.

  1. Watch out for hidden fees

Maintenance agreements usually have three hidden fees. These indirect charges include the travel fees for every service call you make, ten percent annual increases, and shipping fees for other supplies. When you know these fees, you can negotiate them with the store.

  1. Read quarterly reviews 

You’re here to save money, so always read quarterly reviews on the allotment of copies. If you can reduce the allotment later, you can cut costs. Reading quarterly reviews and reducing the allotment is particularly beneficial for those who belong to seasonal organizations like schools. You can also benefit from this agreement if you get less work during a specific timeframe like summer. 

  1. Negotiate 

Always negotiate before buying a copier. If you fail to negotiate, you could lose a lot of money on maintenance and repairs. If a maintenance agreement exists, your contract should have a three-year warranty on the machine and thirty-day cancellation with a written notice. You also need to include a performance guarantee in the paperwork that both parties sign. The installation, delivery, training, and setup should be covered too. Plus, your maintenance agreement should exclude annual increases.

  1. Downsides of buying a copier 

Buying a copier has its fair share of pros and cons. Perhaps the most significant benefit is the fact that you own one. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee since you own the machine. However, the initial cost of buying an office can cause financial strain on small businesses. If you always want the latest copying standards and technology or have a multi-site business, purchasing multiple copier machines within a short period isn’t ideal.

 Tips Before You Buy an Office Copier

Always consider your budget when buying a copier. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy a brand new machine. You can look for a pre-owned copier that’s still in good condition. Start by checking your current printing costs or the average amount spent on each page. You can also consider leasing a copier. This option is ideal for small and new businesses. Leasing offers lower upfront costs, so you can save more money and preserve credit. 

Apart from these factors, you have to consider the cost of the ink cartridges. Avoid printers that use too much ink. Size and speed are also important when choosing a copier. You’ll find desktop copiers, multi-function devices, wide-formats, duplicators, etc. Choose a copier that fits your needs. For example, wide-formats are ideal for those who often handle larger prints, wallpapers, and blueprints.

You also have to consider the copiers’ usability. A fancy copier may look amazing, but can your employees use it efficiently? Choose a copier with a solid operating system. It should require minimal training so that everyone can use it without any problem. Consider buying a copier that comes with online tutorials and tech support. It’s crucial, especially if you prefer in-house maintenance.

Moreover, commercial copiers usually feature wireless connections. Newer models have a Wi-Fi connection and universal devices. Ask a dealer if you can get a separate universal parallel/serial bus interface. This feature allows you to connect your laptop and other electronic devices to the copier. 


Buying an office copier is no easy task, but you’ll be fine if you know what to do. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your budget and copying or printing demands. That way, you can maximise your investment. 

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