Security Features: Keeping You Safe From Hackers

Business and companies’ important components are their machines as they keep the workflow running. They help the employees accomplish their job assignments and deliver on time. The efficiency and productivity of employees will solely depend on these features. Maintaining the crisp and excellent conditions of the machine is important in business as they will dictate whether productivity will increase or decrease. Due to this effect, they receive a large part of the capital and become the most sought after machines in the business market. Modern multifunction copiers have become the first choice of most businesses, may it be small-time or by large companies as compared to those that can only offer either print or scan. With MFCs, the business may enjoy scanning, faxing, and printing that makes the machine an all-in-one package. Though the price of an MFC may be quite expensive compared to single-function machines, it is worth the price. Aside from increasing employees’ efficiency, you are also saving space in your office. Being equipped with this information is equally important as understanding the relevance of its specifications. By doing this, you will know the points of improvements in your machines, so on your next purchase or copier leasing, you know what to look for. 

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Keeping your copier’s data secured

Since most MFCs are capable of storing files like images scanned, copied, printed, or emailed, your machine might be loaded with sensitive information. Some of these may be your data, clients’ details, bank records, social security numbers, and the like. If in case these data may be compromised or fall into the wrong hands, it might bring negative repercussions to you and your business. That is why considering the security features of your business copier is a must. Always ask your copier lease provider for the availability of this in their machines. The image of your business may be tainted if your security will be compromised even just one time. 

Keeping your copier safe is easy. Following these steps may help you. First, set up a firewall between your copier and the internet. As an alternative, you may password-protect the router. Then, change the default admin password in your machine. Third, create a long password with combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers. Lastly, enable Secure Socket Layer and validate any certificates used with your device. Doing your part in the process of tightening your security is a must since you are the one benefitting from this and not your copier lease dealer. 

Together with the hard disk that overwrites and removes some features in your copier, xerox technology helps your data protected through various encryption protocols like Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. It transmits your documents safely by making them unreadable except for authorized individuals. Other encryption and security protocols are IPsec, NMPv3, Secure Shell (ssh) and FTP. Remember that not all copiers have the same security feature. Check to what extent their features will cover your machine and your data’s security. Some models may have deceitful details. If possible, test the machine whether it is true. 

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