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3 Reasons Why Copiers Are Better Than Inkjets

Running a business requires a lot of setting up, especially for the office where the most important operations take place. One of the important things that offices should have is a copier, yet a lot of them pick the wrong copiers for the industry that they are in. A lot of businesses go for home-used printers like inkjets because they are cheaper than copiers. But they can never bring out the best in offices by using inkjets. Copiers Leasing in Washington DC, on the other hand, are avoided by most companies because of the misconception that they are expensive. 

Copiers can be leased through copier lease deals that are flexible enough to be adjusted based on a company’s financial capacity. So basically, your budget for a copier is no longer an issue since copier leasing is an available option. You can contact copier leasing services in Washington DC for details. Given the fact, here are some of the reasons why copiers are the best investments for offices than inkjets.

Both inkjets and copiers can be connected to devices where printing can be controlled. But the difference between them is that inkjets are more limited in this area than copiers. Copier Lease Washington DC can integrate the systems in your office for analytics use and data. They can also connect to commonly used devices like laptops and smartphones by way of Cloud, Bluetooth, Applications, and WiFi. 

Copiers can make a lot of difference for the business operations within the office walls and even outside the office walls. Within the four corners of your office, you can just control the copier right from the comfort of your own desks. You can have time to work on more important business tasks, while the copier does the errands for you in an automated manner. For outside the office walls, if you are on fieldwork, you can still enjoy the services of copiers. 

For example, you can get a call while you are on fieldwork that some documents need to be fixed immediately. You can use your smartphone, through the cloud, to control the copier remotely and perform the faxing on their own smartphone that was previously connected to the copier. Clients will never complain about any kind of delay, while the business gets a lot of points for accomplishing its task on time, no matter what. Inkjets can’t do at least a fourth of these. Some of the connections of an inkjet are the same, but its integration is not as strong and as reliable as copiers. 

Copiers are known for being multifunctional. It can copy, scan, fax and print and it can store files with a catch. It can be done at the same time. Copiers can also multitask to the highest form of it. Multitasking and multifunctionality are two massive contributors to productivity in the workplace. 

Inkjets are also temperamental machines when they are placed in an office setting. Their home-use build restricts them to perform loads of tasks at a time. An office usually has lots of printing tasks that need to be accomplished. If you have invested money in inkjets, the tasks could break the machine easily in a short period of time. That just seems like a payment for its cheap upfront cost. Definitely, that is not a great business investment compared to copiers that give you more than enough for its cost. 

Copiers are more digitally resilient than inkjets. Copier leasing in Washington DC will make sure that the systems in your office are always up to date with the latest and best technology trends. Inkjets are not the same. The moment they are no longer compatible with new trends, they have to be replaced. Copiers also get updated through the digital systems so that is convenient financially. It can also help you to save time and resources.