MFP Features That Increase Workplace Productivity

Multifunction Printers have great features that become a great tool in the office, especially with paperwork. It does not only help in printing, but it works beyond what the usual printers work. Multifunction printers can be faxing, copying, and scanning machines, all in one. 

With these features, people tend to focus on the prominent features and overlook others that can significantly help the workplace. There are features that everyone must be aware of to increase workplace productivity and efficiency in using multifunction printers. 

Proactive Service Notifications

It is best to set up proactive service notifications in having multifunction printers. This feature helps the company itself to reduce maintenance costs for future purposes. 

You will never know when you will experience issues with the printer, but the proactive service notifications will help you be aware of problems to be solved and prevent them from getting worse. 

It prevents malfunctioning or device failures that may worsen when not given immediate attention. Proactive service notifications will prevent worse maintenance checks and encourage you to check the health of your multifunction printer. 

Once you set up the notification service, you must turn on the software update, toner levels, fusers, developers, and drum units to notify you. 

Security Features

Multifunction printers also provide security features. Many companies overlook this feature since they focus more on just using it without realizing that you may publicize the data. Little did the companies know that they could use the printer and secure their data with the advanced feature of the multifunction printer. 

This feature not only allows the company to have passwords for the device but can also provide user restrictions and limit access to the data when an unauthorized person is in use. Not only do you prevent the multifunction printer from being used by random people, but you also protect its data. 

To provide more security on the data in the multifunction printer, it has a secure pull printing feature. To avoid any leakage of information to people unauthorized, the multifunction printer may take hold of the employee’s fingerprint.

 It will either require a password or the handprint of the employee in charge to be able to print the file needed. This additional security feature makes sure that your files and data are protected in every way possible. With this, your data will be enclosed only to people in charge and keep it private from people who are unauthorized to know the company’s data. The multifunctional printer can both print and protect your files. 

Intuitive User Interface

Another feature of the multifunction printer is the intuitive user interface. There are multifunction printers that are user-friendly, but most of the time, they are overlooked. It can also be customizable to make it easier to manipulate. The intuitive user interface can help you ensure that you print what’s needed and disregard what is unimportant. 

This interface has essential inputs that will make it easier to understand and use. The intuitive user interface must be designed in a user-friendly touch screen that everybody can easily use. The touch screen design should be made for all abilities. 

Its customizable feature must have a wide range of options to make it applicable to the specific needs of the company or organization. Another is that it should be easily accessible to cloud applications. 

Final Say

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The multifunction printer has a lot of features beyond what we can imagine. It is way more than just being the printer that every company wants. The multifunction printer has more features other than its obvious ones.

 It takes the proper training and knowledge to help the company have a more productive workplace. Everyone in the company must be able to know about these features and know-how to manipulate the multifunction printer.